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Here's How You Can Market Your Product without actually Marketing Them

Unlock the secrets to blogging success: monetize, grow, and make money by sharing your passions with practical tips and strategies. Start your journey now!

Starting a blog can be an exciting way to share your passions and potentially make some money, and guess what? This approach has been working since 1995!

Let's simplify the journey and see how it can be done today.

Back in the day, like in 1995, I used to rely on my small homepage to reach local folks. Nowadays, with the whole world potentially at your fingertips and loads of online tools, blogging has never been easier or more accessible.

If you're not sure how to get started, a quick search on YouTube will unlock a world of how-to videos. Still unsure? No worries, you can hire someone from Fiverr to set it up for you.

To get rolling, all you need are three things: a web hosting service, a blog, and some content to share.

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The Magic of Using What You Know

Ever wonder how talking about everyday stuff, like the tools you use for balcony gardening, can earn you money? Well, it's pretty straightforward. If you're writing about balcony gardening, naturally, your readers will be fellow balcony garden enthusiasts. You can share the tools you use, giving them ideas and recommendations.

But there's a twist that could help you earn even faster.

The Extra Step

Consider what else your readers might be interested in—like starting their own blog to document their gardening journey. For that, they'll need a few things:

  • A good web hosting service
  • A catchy domain name
  • A sleek WordPress theme

Back in '95, I'd get all my business supplies at a discount by being a reseller. Today, you can join affiliate programs. You can recommend the services you use, like your web host and domain registrar, through an affiliate link. Even small blogs can be affiliates—just look for an affiliate or partner program with your providers.

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Getting the Word Out

Growing your blog's visibility can be challenging at first. While you should keep your content search-engine friendly, also consider direct channels like Pinterest to drive traffic.

Pinterest is gold for bloggers. With a captivating image and a catchy headline, you can draw people to your blog.

Starting on Pinterest

Setting up on Pinterest is a breeze:

  1. Create a business account for free—it gives you analytics and the option to link your blog directly.
  2. Design an attention-grabbing image for each blog post you write. Canva is an excellent tool for beginners.
  3. Write a compelling description, attach your blog's URL, and pin it!

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You can easily generate images and descriptions for your pins using AI image generators and tools. My favorites that I heavily rely on are Merlin AI and Canva’s AI image generators.

The idea is to lure readers to your blog, where you can offer them more, like signing up for an email course that introduces the blogging tools you use.

Making Money from Your Blog

While small sales, like gardening gloves, might earn you pennies, web hosting referrals can be much more lucrative. Make sure you believe in the products or services you're endorsing—it'll shine through in your writing.

Will this bring in $150 a day immediately? It might not. It requires patience, tweaking your strategy, and consistently putting out content. But keep an eye on which pins and posts engage your audience most and adapt accordingly. Keep at it, and who knows? You might even surpass that daily goal.

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1. Do I need to be a tech whiz to start a blog?

Nope, not at all! There are plenty of resources that can help you set up a blog step by step, even if you're not tech-savvy.

2. How long does it take before I start making money from my blog?

It varies, but don't expect instant cash. Building a consistent readership and tweaking your monetization tactics is key. Be patient; it's a marathon, not a sprint.

3. Can I still make money from my blog if I don't have a lot of readers?

Yes, even with a smaller audience, you can make money through things like affiliate marketing. Your genuine recommendations for products and services can lead to a steady income.

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