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Digital Marketing Got me 4 Sources of Income

Dive into a diverse online income journey – Fiverr, course creation, YouTube ventures, Medium, and consultancy. Explore the power of varied online opportunities

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Back in 2020, I didn't realize people could actually earn money online. My dreams were pretty straightforward:

  • Become a doctor
  • Start a catering business
  • Maybe start a farm

I was actively pursuing these goals:

  • I had applied to medical school
  • Completed a three-month catering course
  • And kept thinking about the farming class from high school.

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Everything changed when I met someone who worked from home and had a comfortable life. Curious, I learned that he was a web designer, graphic designer, and brand strategist. He seemed to do everything and was thriving.

I was drawn to his lifestyle and asked how I could learn his skills. Fortunately, he offered a course, which I quickly signed up for. That was my first step into making money online, starting as a digital marketer.

Let's talk about how I turned this into four sources of income.

As my digital marketing skills got sharper, I focused more on:

  • Copywriting
  • Improving website conversion rates
  • Marketing on Medium


My first money-making attempt was on Fiverr. Despite its reputation for low prices, I believed I could make it work. My first $10 gig felt like hitting the jackpot, and I delivered top-notch work. This led to great reviews and good tips. At my peak, I was earning over $400 per client.

But Fiverr had its downsides – it consumed my time, income was inconsistent, and clients had a lot of control. Once, I received a 3-star rating despite my hard work, which hurt my business immediately.

This didn't stop me, though. I still think Fiverr can be great, and you can earn well on it.

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Online Courses

Concurrently, I started my second income stream by creating an online course. I found marketplaces like Udemy and Skillshare teeming with traffic. I made a course on digital marketing and quickly gained thousands of students, which showed in my payouts.

There are multiple ChatGPT apps that can be of huge help while making a course structure. I used Merlin AI’s GPT4 chatbot to help me make the structure and outline of my course.

Screenshot 2023-12-11 031012.png


The third stream emerged from my love for side hustle videos on YouTube. I started a marketing channel and blog to share my knowledge, which evolved into discussing other side hustles I'd tried.

Since doing multiple things together is already as time-consuming as it can possibly get, I use different AI features to help me save time. Rather than sitting for hours to design a thumbnail, I simply use image generator tools.

I simply tell the AI what I want the image to look like in the form of a prompt, and it does the work for me. All I need to do is, crosscheck it and make any particular changes if I want to!

Screenshot 2023-12-11 031156.png


That led to the creation of this Medium page, where I've shared all my experiences and grown a significant following. Now, I make money from digital products and affiliate marketing. Creating content and engaging with my followers here has been highly rewarding.

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Lastly, I became a consultant. It's different from freelancing; it's less about tasks and more about sharing expertise.

My marketing background boosts my writing and helps me grow audiences, like here on Medium. I started consulting to demonstrate this growth to clients.

My first consulting client came in at $150, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the few sessions I've had since.

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In a nutshell, my transition from traditional goals to online income streams, including Fiverr gigs, online courses with Merlin AI, YouTube content creation, and Medium presence, led to consultancy. Each step of this journey has built on my original digital marketing skills, broadening my horizons and creating a diverse set of income streams.


1. How did Merlin AI play a role in creating your online course, and what specific features did you find beneficial?

You can use different AI tools for structuring and outlining the digital marketing course, showcasing the valuable role AI can play in content creation.

2. How do AI image generator tools assist in your content creation on YouTube, and what benefits do they provide in terms of time efficiency?

These tools streamline thumbnail design, saving time by transforming prompts into visual elements. The efficiency gains and time-saving advantages of incorporating AI in the content creation process are immense.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

Kalpna Thakur

Kalpna Thakur

Our marketing powerhouse, crafts innovative solutions for every growth challenge - all while keeping the fun in our team!

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