Now Let GPT 4 Create Books For You

Unlock AI in self-publishing with GPT-4 Vision – a game-changing tool for authors. Elevate your book's success with image-driven insights and creative guidance

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There’s a new AI out with Image Searching in GPT, which has made finding what works in the Amazon self-publishing world smarter and more thorough.

Let's break down how you can use GPT-4 Vision to get ahead in your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) game.

A Quick Lowdown on GPT-4 Vision

Think of GPT-4 Vision as a smart tool from OpenAI that lets ChatGPT look at and understand pictures.

You need a $20 monthly subscription to use GPT-4 Vision. This gives you access to quick replies, browser add-ons, in-depth data tools, and more.

But guess what, you can use it for free on Merlin AI. Let’s see how!

How to Get GPT-4 to Look at Images

First, add the Merlin extension to your browser and click on Ctrl+m or Cmd+m. A chatbot will open. There, you will see a tiny image option that will let you choose an image.

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Say you grabbed a screenshot of kids' "dot to dot" books on Amazon. By uploading that picture, GPT-4 can tell you about the books' prices, ranks, delivery options, and other details.

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Digging Deeper with GPT-4

From the book info GPT-4 gave, I asked, “What kind of book should I make?” It came back with advice on trendy book styles and unique features.

For example, it recommended making a "dot-to-dot" book for 4–8-year-olds with 100 puzzles, adding themed sections like ocean or space, and even using cool add-ons like QR codes and stickers for a special touch.

Crafting a Hit Book

Following GPT-4's advice, I focused on making a "dot-to-dot" book for the 4–8 age bracket.

When I narrowed my Amazon search to this age range, the competition dropped from 90,000 to just 4,000 books! Then, asking GPT-4 “How can I create a hit book like these?” gave me great tips on content, design, publishing, pricing, and how to market it.

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Setting the Price Right

I asked GPT-4 “How much should I charge for a book like the one in the picture?” and got the pricing strategy help I needed, including setting an attractive initial price.

Choosing Keywords Wisely

By showing GPT-4 images of top-selling books, it listed important keywords to use in different parts of your book listing, based on your strategy.

Designing the Cover

Show GPT-4 an image of a best-selling cover, ask for theme ideas, and you can create eye-catching covers using tools like Merlin AI’s Image Generator.

I used a Merlin AI prompt to get the pictures I wanted, modified an image in Canva, and voila—my book cover was ready.

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Turning Reviews into Improvements

GPT-4 can suggest how to make a book better by analyzing negative reviews.

Upload a book picture for context, add the bad reviews, and ask “How can I improve this book?” You'll receive useful tips, like ensuring correct numbering and targeting the right age group. Though some aspects like paper quality can't be changed with Amazon KDP, there are many other improvements you can make.


1. Is GPT-4 Vision exclusive to Amazon self-publishing?

GPT-4 Vision isn't limited to Amazon self-publishing; it's a versatile tool applicable to various content creation domains beyond Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

2. Can GPT-4 Vision improve visuals beyond book covers?

Yes, GPT-4 Vision aids in enhancing illustrations, diagrams, and other visual elements within the book, contributing to an overall improved reader experience.

3. How is privacy handled when uploading images to GPT-4 Vision?

Privacy is a priority, with image processing typically done locally on the user's device. Users should review platform-specific privacy policies and exercise caution when sharing sensitive images.

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