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3 ChatGPT Prompts You Didn't Know You Needed

Unlock endless possibilities with ChatGPT—your versatile digital companion for creative tasks, problem-solving, and professional collaboration.

Everyone’s buzzing about ChatGPT: it’s like a crystal ball but for typing! Imagine a robot friend who can chat with you, help you think deep thoughts, and sometimes even cheer you up. It's like having a digital buddy that's ready for anything.

Now, let’s drop the jargon. We've all asked ChatGPT some pretty basic stuff. "Will it rain today?" or "How do I make that spaghetti sauce?" Come on, we can do way cooler things with it!

I’m excited to share 3 clever ways to use ChatGPT that you've probably never tried. Ready? Because you’re about to become way better friends with your keyboard. I use Merlin AI since I can use GPT 4 for free there.

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1. The "Help-With-Anything" Prompt

Imagine chatting with someone who can transform into any expert you need – that's this prompt! Just type it in, and it's like opening a door to help on any topic.

Here's what it looks like in action:

  • You ask ChatGPT for help with something.
  • ChatGPT magically becomes the expert you need for your question.
  • ChatGPT might ask you more questions to get it just right.

And voilà, you get your answer!

What you need to do is, tell the the chat to act as an expert in a particular field and then give it a task. \

Screenshot 2023-12-08 103246.png

”I want you to act as a professional screen writer. I want you to write the script of a 7 episode series insipired by harry potter book series.”

2. The "Copycat" Prompt Template

It's more than a prompt – it's like a magic spell to make GPT talk just the way you want. Use it when you have a specific thing in mind.

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Check out how this works:

  • You ask for something clever, like a blog title, and give a keyword.
  • Then, you show ChatGPT how it’s done with a couple of examples.
  • Leave one blank, and it's ChatGPT's turn to fill in the dots.

Here’s what it might look like: \

Screenshot 2023-12-08 103501.png

”Make a great blog title about [keyword], kind of like “Kalpna Thakur” does it.> **> Keyword: SEO tricks> Title: Hidden SEO Tricks That Google Keeps Secret> **> Keyword: finding what to do with life> Title: The Sneaky Way to Discovering What You're Meant to Do> **> Keyword: starting a blog> Title: – (title)”

3. The "Get-to-Know-Me" Prompt

If GPT were shoes, most folks would still be tying the laces. But, this prompt is like slipping on a pair perfectly fitted to your job.

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Here's the scoop on this one:

It politely asks about your job. It shows you cool ways ChatGPT can be your work pal. And it tosses in some prompts for you to test out.

Here’s the genius prompt: \

Screenshot 2023-12-08 103751.png

”Create a custom list of ways I can use ChatGPT for my job. Break it down into 10 easy parts, each with a table listing “What I Can Do” and “How to Ask ChatGPT”. In each part, put 5 examples of how to use it. Start by finding out about my job, then line up tips matching what I need, my goals, and the hurdles I’m facing. Stick to the plan: 10 parts, 5 examples each, please!”

And there you have it! These are your tickets to being a ChatGPT wizard. Just pop in the prompts and watch the magic happen.

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GPT goes beyond casual chat, offering creative assistance in three unique ways: the versatile "Help-With-Anything" prompt, the customizable "Copycat" magic spell, and the insightful "Get-to-Know-Me" prompt. Accessible for free on Merlin AI, ChatGPT becomes a powerful ally, transforming your keyboard interactions into a more rewarding and efficient experience. Explore these clever prompts to unleash the full potential of ChatGPT in your creative and daily endeavors.


1. Can ChatGPT assist with complex problem-solving beyond general advice?

Absolutely! ChatGPT's versatility shines in the "Help-With-Anything" prompt. By guiding it to act as an expert in a specific field, users can delve into nuanced problem-solving, receiving tailored assistance for more intricate tasks.

2. What are some unconventional applications of the "Copycat" prompt template?

The "Copycat" prompt template goes beyond the ordinary. Users can employ it for inventive tasks like generating unique poetry styles or mimicking distinct writing voices, showcasing ChatGPT's adaptability for creative endeavors.

3. How can the "Get-to-Know-Me" prompt enhance collaboration with ChatGPT in a professional setting?

Tailor ChatGPT to your profession with the "Get-to-Know-Me" prompt. This FAQ explores how the prompt's customization enables users to seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into professional workflows, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

Kalpna Thakur

Kalpna Thakur

Our marketing powerhouse, crafts innovative solutions for every growth challenge - all while keeping the fun in our team!

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