Here's How I Published An Online Course and Made Money

Unlock your earning potential with AI-powered course creation! Learn to monetize your skills effortlessly using tools like Merlin AI. Start building today!

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I recently launched my online course on Udemy and published a book while working a full-time job. And let me tell you, it is a great way to make money on the side. Here’s how you can do it too

Digital assets are a brilliant approach to earning consistent income. Just build it once, and it's accessible online for good. As long as what you're teaching is relevant, you'll potentially continue to profit from a digital product for the foreseeable future.

Packing your high-income skill into a digital asset and monetizing it has never been more attainable.

Here's how AI has assisted me in constructing my online course and e-book:

1. Researching the Topic

Initially, I employed Merlin AI, a GPT-powered Chrome Extension to brainstorm ideas for my online course. Though it may seem like an easy conversation that I could have started, many people find it challenging to come up with viable ideas.

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For example, when I desired to craft an online course, my notions weren't effective ‒ think Intro to Digital Marketing, or any other commonplace topic with existing courses in abundance. I sought novelty. Hence, I stepped back.

I compiled a record of my mastered skills, primarily comprising data analytics, digital marketing, and coding. Next, I asked Merlin AI to generate some concepts based on my specializations.

Having acquired some concepts from Merlin AI, I then undertook some market research. I input the topics into Google and examined already established courses on the same subjects:

Afterward, I returned to Merlin AI. I looked for suggestions from the chatbot on how my course could stand out amidst the prior existing materials available on the Internet.

What unique value could I infuse that's absent in other courses?

This was a question I was looking an answer for. This strategy would equip my digital asset with a distinctive value proposition, providing me a competitive edge.

After several back-and-forth with Merlin AI over a few hours, I finally concluded:

  • The course to develop
  • The subjects I should tackle to distinguish my course from the rest on the Internet

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2. Composition of the Course

Once you've nailed a topic for your digital asset, the actual content creation kicks in. Honestly, it’s challenging. Take my online course as an instance; it encompasses 2 hours of video content.

Required was a script of roughly 15,000 words. Without proper structuring, learners may get perplexed and possibly forfeit the course. No one desires a 2-hour long immersion in seemingly gibberish information.

Misconstructions will result in negative reviews and sparse engagement. You must initiate your audience with the fundamentals of the topic and progressively deepen their comprehension.

The AI will furnish you with a systematic guide on how to segment your content.

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3. Robust Feedback

When building digital assets, I usually use Merlin AI as an echo chamber. Writing a 15,000-word script has a strong likelihood of errors. Being a one-man squad, I lacked an extra pair of eyes to peruse my 2-hour course content and offer feedback.

So, I recruited Merlin AI.

The tool informed me when my explanations were overly verbose. It cautioned me against an excessive technology lexicon, as my course ought to be beginner-friendly. I used prompts like:

Rephrase the following content and make it easy to understand for beginners. Avoid technical lexicons. “content

It then paraphrased my utterances and assisted me in simplifying my content. I use the following prompt for it:

Paraphrase the content to make a 14-year-old understand it. Keep the tone friendly. “content

This experience left me feeling equipped with a personal helper ‒ a buddy to help me tune up my content.

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In conclusion, delving into online courses and digital assets, aided by tools like Merlin AI, has transformed my side hustle. Building once and earning consistently is the beauty of this approach. Remember, uniqueness is key, and with AI assistance, your digital creation can be a lasting income source. Cheers to building, creating, and earning!


1. How long does it take to create an online course using AI assistance?

The timeline varies based on factors like the complexity of your content and how quickly you finalize your course concept. On average, with AI tools like Merlin AI, you can significantly reduce the time compared to traditional methods.

2. Is it necessary to have a high-tech background to use AI for course creation?

No, it's not necessary. AI tools are designed to be user-friendly. Even if you're not tech-savvy, platforms like Merlin AI offer intuitive interfaces. They guide you through the process, making it accessible for individuals with various skill levels.

3. Can I still make my course unique if there are similar topics already available online?

Absolutely! AI can assist you in identifying gaps in existing content. By leveraging tools like Merlin AI for brainstorming and market research, you can pinpoint distinctive angles, ensuring your course stands out. Remember, your unique perspective and approach make all the difference.

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