All You Need To Know About Selling Canva Products

Unlock the secrets of Canva template sales—SEO mastery, impeccable branding, and real challenges revealed. Boost your sales effectively with valuable insights!

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Let me share everything I know about making money with Canva templates—it's not as straightforward as it may seem.

Recently, a reader commented, suggesting that I make selling Canva templates seem easy. Now, while I have mixed feelings about that, selling Canva templates can indeed be tricky. Today, I want to address the real challenges you might face, especially if you're just starting out.

Okay, let's dive in with a real-world example. Suppose you've decided to make your mark by selling digital Canva products. You won't make a single sale until you get your marketing right.


Think of SEO — Search Engine Optimization — as the secret sauce to being found. It's all about choosing the right words that your potential buyers are typing into search engines. Selecting and using these 'keywords' in your product listings is crucial.

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Imagine you're shopping on Amazon. You type in what you need, and Amazon shows you the best results. That's SEO at work. It’s the same with any online marketplace.

Let's say you run a shop specializing in real estate templates. You need to figure out what your customers are looking to buy, which might be:

  • Real estate flyers
  • Welcome packets
  • Manual templates
  • Buyer guides

Not sure what your buyers want? AI tools are always of great use when you need suggestions. Merlin AI and ChatGPT are my personal favorites.

But just coming up with possible search terms isn't enough. You've got to make sure these keywords are in demand yet not so competitive that your listings get lost in the crowd.

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Now, onto SEO. This is where you pepper your product titles, descriptions, and tags with the keywords your audience is searching for. Make it easy for the algorithms to find and showcase your products. This is something that I make AI my assistant for!

I use AI to help me out with meta tags, image descriptions, conclusions and so much more! And trust me when I tell you this, that’s the best decision I have made. Not only does it save me time, but it also gives palpable results!

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For the best results in SEO, consider the following:

  • Use your chosen keyword in the title at least once.
  • Weave the keyword into your product description a few times but stay reader-friendly.
  • Choose at least five related tags that might also draw in buyers.

Remember, though, your keyword strategy should never sacrifice readability. Overdoing it can scare off customers and damage your standing in search results.

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Good SEO makes algorithms suggest your listing. But, it's the customers who actually buy. If your listing looks spammy because of keyword stuffing, you’ll turn buyers off.


Now, let's talk branding. This is super important. People shop with their eyes first. Every detail counts—from your shop's name to your product images.

Make sure:

  • Your shop looks professional and welcoming.
  • Your product photos are eye-catching.
  • Your descriptions entice buyers to make a purchase.
  • Your reviews reflect a trustworthy business.

For my listings, I don't skimp. I sometimes hire designers to ensure my products look top-notch. Trust me, a sleek look can justify a higher price, and it often does.

Lastly, make your product descriptions count. They should offer value and convince potential customers of the quality of your product. You can peek at what other sellers are doing for inspiration, but never directly copy.

Keep your shop's branding consistent. Stick with one color palette, a sleek shop name, and tailor your store for a specific audience.

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1. What's the key to making my first sale of Canva templates?

The key is effective keyword research and SEO. Use specific words that potential buyers will search for and optimize your product listings with those keywords.

2. Can you give a quick tip on creating attractive branding?

Choose a simple and memorable name, maintain a cohesive color theme, and design high-quality product covers. Your store should look professional, and the branding should speak directly to your target audience.

3. Do fancy graphics and professional designs really impact sales of Canva templates?

Absolutely. Attractive graphics and professional designs can make your product listings stand out and reassure customers of the quality, potentially allowing you to charge premium prices.

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